In recent years, the use of thermoforming plastics has gained considerable momentum in the food and drink industry. The overall market value of thermoplastics in this industry reached an all-time high of £4.5 billion in 2018 and this figure is expected to continue growing in the foreseeable future. After personal care, the food and drink industry is predicted to be the prominent user of thermoformed plastics as the quest for cheap yet effective packaging continues.

Part of this rapid growth lies in its practicality. Thermoplastics are cheaper to produce and offer greater flexibility in their appearance than alternatives such as injection molding. This has seen their usage increase in recent times, with the majority of food storage containers now made from thermoplastics as they allow for better food storage and preservation than previous methods. Many of the industrial strength containers found in restaurants, cafeterias and other public food service settings are also made using thermoplastics.

The amount of food and drink packaging entering landfills each year in the UK is 170 million tonnes, much of this this is due to un-recyclable packaging. Food and drink packaging made from thermoformed plastics can help lower this figure as they are widely recyclable, making them the desirable choice for manufacturers and retailers vying for sustainability. Consumers around the world are now able to recycle their old bottles and containers more than ever before as a result of the use of thermoplastics. Recent national studies have found that more than 60% of Americans can now recycle plastic containers, with a further 90% able to recycle plastic bottles. For a world that is fully aware of the damage non-recyclable packaging can cause to the planet, thermoplastic bottles and containers are welcomed alternatives for all involved in the supply chain.

Based in the North West, Euro Extrusions is an industry leading plastic extruder, manufacturing sheet and film thermoplastics including polypropylene and high impact polystyrene. Euro Extrusions strives for zero waste by buying unwanted plastics from customers to re-use or sell on. Euro Extrusions also offers customers a waste recycling service to encourage further recycling and sustainability. To see how Euro Extrusion’s plastics can be used for packaging, click here. Alternatively, call 01254 886662 for more information.