The British Plastics Federation (BPF) have been representatives of the UK plastics industry for over 25 years, making it the longest established plastics trade association anywhere in the world. With over 450 members and 600 members sites, the BPF is also one of the largest trade associations of its kind.

The aim of the BPF is to promote a thriving, successful plastics sector in the UK by supporting the entire supply chain. When a company joins the BPF they are assigned into a group based on the sector(s) they operate in, for example recycling or materials. Each group operates in its own unique way and has within it a dedicated, knowledgeable representative of the BPF that provides the support and guidance for all the members.

In essence, the BPF helps shape policies on plastics and advances education and skills within the industry. They also promote businesses and trade as well as the benefits of using plastic. Having been a member for 5 years, Euro Extrusions has long benefited from having exclusive access to the latest industry news and events via the BPF as well as features in their directory and on their social media accounts. Being part of the BPF and experiencing these benefits has helped Euro Extrusions continue to grow in the plastics industry and long may it continue!

To find out if your company is eligible and how to join, visit the BPF website here.