Thermoforming a solid future with the building tradeSlate Vent made by thermoforming HIPs

Plastic thermoforming is used widely throughout the building trade from a roof vent to an underfloor heating system. Domestic and Industrial Ducting, Fascia Panels, Bath and Shower Rooms, Workstations and Office Spaces.

Thermoforming Plastic Advantages

Predictions indicate that families purchasing single status or family homes will increasingly opt for existing older properties, which they can refurbish to suit their individual needs. In the housing market and building trade, plastics will play a major role, with refurbishment replacement and improvement materials offering increasing functional and decorative advantages.

Changes in family size, along with aging properties and changes in trends, remodeling will be initiated. As this happens, contractors and DIY enthusiasts will increasingly turn to light, strong, easily handled plastics to make repairs and improvements, from lightweight ceiling tiles to advanced wiring and from modern bathroom fixtures and fittings to improved ergonomic installations.

In property renovation and new housing construction, plastic materials will increase speed, save energy and reduce costs. Many household items for example, bathroom fixtures such as sinks, tubs and showers are constructed in one piece – walls, pipes and all – and then hoisted into place and attached to the building frame, producing significant savings in construction and installation costs.

Advantages of thermoforming plastics ensure the duplication of yesterday’s style using today’s lighter superior materials. Architectural touches such as decorative wall, door and window moldings can be achieved that mimic marble or hand carvings but offer the ease of care and damage resistance only plastics can provide.

Plastics are expected to proliferate in the majority of homes – large and small, refurbished and new – for easily installed ceiling materials with excellent thermal, acoustic and fire-resistant properties, lower-cost window frames that stand tough against the elements but need little maintenance and durable entry doors offering superior insulation.