CNC1CNC Engineering has always been at the cutting edge of shaping new materials such as synthetics and various polymers. Plastic is no exception and Euro Extrusions has become a major force in supplying thermoformed plastic sheet and film. Experts in plastic extrusion, we are always available to discuss and advise our clients regarding HIPs, Polypropylene and ABS.

Our Quality Plastic and Thermoplastic Sheet & Film is supplied in the colour and gauge required every time in the form of sheets on a pallet (bulk packed or sheet parcels) or on the roll for reel fed formers.

Computer Numerical Control is an engineering process where a computer converts a design drawing into numbers using CAD (computer aided design) software. The numbers are used as coordinates, and the CNC machine uses these coordinates to control the movement of the cutter, and creates the shapes you require. The X, Y and Z axis control the movement of the machine, allowing material to be machined in 3 directions. Using this technology, the experienced machinists are able to produce custom shape plastic parts.

Plastic materials can be manipulated using CNC milling, routing and cutting.
CNC routers and mills can quickly and efficiently cut complex shapes from plastic sheet, rod, and tube stock. CNC lathes are used for manufacturing parts that are round in cross section. Sometimes, when components need to maintain and achieve special geometries not possible by using conventional machining techniques, they are manufactured via specialised processes such as gun drilling or centreless grinding.

A diverse range of plastic materials can be machined, all plastics have different machining characteristics and material tolerances, so using the right cutting tool is essential in ensuring the best possible surface finish.
Our vast experience in plastic materials means that we can provide guidance on material selection and design, ensuring the right plastic is chosen and the desired product finish required for your application.
Plastic machining, routing, drilling and engraving services are available on a broad range of plastic materials, in two dimensional and three dimensional operations. A wide range of bespoke products are produced using CNC from commercial to industrial engineering machining applications.