Horse riding, also known as equestrianism is a very popular activity in the UK and Ireland. Equestrian sports are enjoyed by both men and women – making it one of the few sports where they are on an equal footing. Equestrianism appeals from amateur to community participation to international success including the Olympics. 6% of the UK population has ridden a horse in the past 12 months.

Horse riding is the more affordable horse sport compared to other horse sports and appeals to all ages and abilities. Equestrianism is increasingly popular, with over 2,300 riding schools throughout the UK. Recently, her majesty Queen Elizabeth II was spotted riding her black Fell Pony around Windsor Great Park at the grand old age of 91. Despite the wet weather The Queen wrapped up in her waterproof gear took her favourite beautiful black horse, named Carltonlima Emma for a ride. Queen Elizabeth has been riding since the age of 4 and even owns several race horses. Her race horse, Call to Mind stormed to victory last month at the Dubai Duty Free Spring Trials at Newbury Racecourse.

A very popular equestrianism sport, horse racing has been ranked in the top 25 most popular sports worldwide. With the horse racing season upon us, it is particularly popular as a gambling sport. The UK & Ireland has a proud tradition of breeding and horsemanship and is one of the world’s leading show jumping nations.

Horse racing is often termed ‘the sport of kings’ being a particularly expensive sport to participate in. Attending and watching race meetings is very popular in the UK as we love an opportunity to place a bet! Horse racing is particularly popular in the US, UK, Ireland and Australia.

There are a whole host of horse racing events throughout the year including national hunt racing (steeplechasing and hurdle races), from August to April and flat racing from March to October. English horse racing events feature heavily in the top worldwide horse racing events. The Royal Ascot and The Grand National are two of the most popular horse racing events watched by gamblers and horse enthusiasts across the globe.

Another horse sport popular with the Royal Family is Polo. Polo is similar to croquet, but played on horseback, often reaching speeds of up to 40mph. Polo can be played both indoors and outdoors.

Equestrianism also features in the Olympics in 3 different events: dressage, three-day eventing and show jumping. Dressage is a systematic training of a horse to carry a rider with ease and grace. Dressage measures the level of training a horse and rider have achieved, it is often compared to ballet on horseback, highlighting the most advanced and refined riding skills. Enfield born Charlotte Dujardin became the 2nd British woman to win 3 Olympic gold medals by retaining her individual dressage title in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

With so many horse events across the UK and beyond, horses need transporting. Horses are transported by horse boxes. The horse boxes come in a variety of sizes and prices, choosing one is a very personal decision which will be based on how many horses you intend to transport, the size of your horse(s) and of course your budget.

Despite the countless shapes and sizes, there is one thing that all horse boxes have in common: they all have wheels, and with a wheel down they wouldn’t get very far. Carrying a spare wheel will make sure that you can continue with your journey without too much delay.

Keeping a spare wheel on the back of your horse box is a sensible decision and keeping your spare wheel covered will ensure damage risk is limited, be it sun damage, weather damage or impact damage.  There are many type of wheel covers available, but the most ideal wheel cover is a semi rigid hard plastic type wheel cover. A good wheel cover will take the brunt of the damage for your wheel, being weather resistant, durable and strong.

Aquarius Manufacturing Limited has established themselves as market leaders in the manufacture of spare wheel covers to 4×4 dealerships and owners, trailer owners and horse box owners. Aquarius, from the parent company, plastic extruders Euro Extrusions has a strong client base across the UK and beyond. With short lead times, Aquarius can customise printed spare wheel covers that come complete and ready to fit.

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