Haslingden High School – DT Electronics products

Haslingden High School in Rossendale are delighted to be working with Euro Extrusions, to enable Y7 and Y8 students to make 2 very exciting new Electronics projects. In Year 7 students get the opportunity to design and manufacture a USB powered mood light, which cycles though 7 different colours. Students learn how to solder and are taught about the jobs of various components that make up the mood light circuit. For the casing (thanks to Euro Extrusions) students are able to use HIPS and the vacuum forming machine, in conjunction with the Laser cutter to produce hollow professional looking housings for their lights. In Year 8 students have similar opportunities to design and make HIPS based vacuum formed casings. However in Year 8 the circuitry becomes more involved as students produce a USB powered amplifier which they can use on their iPods and mobile phones.

Both products are extremely popular with Haslingden High students, and we would like to thank Euro Extrusions for their very generous donations of HIPS without which we wouldn’t be able to run either project.

Mr D Jousiffe

Electronics teacher HHS