Tray1The Industrial Fabrication process of Thermoplastics is a secondary manufacturing process which can be defined as the use and further modification of primary manufactured sheet, pipe, lining and molded or formed profiles. Compatible materials and welding methods are used to produce a final product or system which can be used in conjunction with or in isolation from non-thermoplastic materials in the provision of a service, facility, system or process in a diverse range of Industrial applications.
Not all plastic is Thermoformed or Vacuum formed using the same techniques. Certain products have to conform to a pattern, mould or other shaping structure. High Impact Polystyrene or HIPs is a low cost, tough plastic material that is easy to thermoform and fabricate. HIPs is often used for countertop point of sale/purchase displays and indoor or outdoor signs where ease of fabrication is essential.

Most thermoformedplastic can be shaped using woodworking machinery such as saws, routers, and drills. It’s important to use sharp blades and bits specifically designed for plastic fabrication in order to maintain low stress and to achieve a good surface finish. ABS is also easy to fabricate using saws and routers.

Plastic fabricated materials can be used in a wide range of markets including automotive, aerospace, signage, point of display, bathroom shower trays and LED lighting. Advanced plastic materials are playing an increasingly important role in improving product quality and reducing cost in many different industries. Due to advances in materials technology plastics with unique properties such as high stiffness-to-weight ratios, bright, eye-catching colours, and the ability to diffuse light are all now readily available. These properties allow designers to create superior products at a fraction of the cost of products made using traditional industrial materials.

Plastics are ideal materials for point-of-purchase (POP) displays because of their ease of fabrication, outstanding aesthetic properties, and cost. Plastics are also lightweight, durable, and many plastic materials are easy to decorate via printing and painting.

HIPs (High Impact Polysytrene) can be fabricated using machining and die cutting for customers who purchase finished parts. Specific cut-to-size parts can be fabricated.

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