‘Remember, remember! The fifth of November, The Gunpowder treason and plot!’

Last weekend throughout the UK, the sky was filled with bright colours as we set off numerous fireworks to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night. Dating back to 1605, the night remembers the planned assassination of King James I by a group including the infamous Guy Fawkes who was guarding the gunpowder hidden under the House of Lords. Nowadays, the evening is celebrated with bonfires and firework displays, accompanied by a slice of parkin and a serving of pie and peas. For any firework manufacturer looking to package fireworks for next year, using the correct high impact polystyrene packaging will not only help your product stand out on the shelf, but it will also ensure this dangerous product is transported safely.

Analysing Guy Fawkes Night in 2014 in the UK, it was reported that the general public spent a huge £40 million split between consumer items and public firework displays. This figure shows the importance of attractive firework packaging to attract the eye of the consumer and help boost sales for next year’s celebrations. Using high impact polystyrene (HIPs) in point-of-sales packaging helps to ensure fireworks are positioned in an attractive way for shoppers, helping your firework set stand out from the competition. Traditionally sold in cardboard boxes, HIPs vacuum formed trays can display the range of fireworks offered, helping to demonstrate high-quality and exciting displays. Creating custom packaging will also prevent fireworks being displaced in transit, ensuring each box is attractive on the competitive firework store shelf through sturdy support.

Due to the incredible risk associated with firework box delivery, HIPs packaging can help ensure dangerous materials are kept safe during transit. Reducing the movement of fireworks within their display box will reduce the risk of unintentional ignition will help ensure your safety, aided by the spark-resistant packaging. It is recommended that when transporting fireworks by car, using household storage boxes with a lid will help keep the fireworks safe in the boot of your vehicle. Keeping fireworks within the packaging until the time fo their intended use will also reduce the risk of unplanned ignition.

Despite Bonfire Night being a fantastic opportunity to eat seasonal food and watch magnificent firework displays, it is important to ensure safety at all times. In addition to keeping fireworks within packaging, always read the full instructions before lighting a firework and keep a safe distance once a firework has been lit.

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