Using flocked plastic has become the latest trend in retail packaging, especially for luxurious items including perfume, makeup and jewellery gift sets. The process of flocking plastic produces a texturised feel to plastic packaging, however, the process is also used in miniature models and with branded clothing. Manufacturers continue to include flocked packaging as customers respond well to the tactile sensation, it also improves packaging aesthetically and offers a wide range of colour options for retailers. This article explores the process of flocking and the benefits seen in the retail industry from using the material.

To create the velvet-feeling material, the flocking process involves the application of short, fine fibres to an adhesive coated material. The process usually occurs in a high-voltage electric field; the fine fibres are given a charge by the flocking machine while the plastic material is earthed. The plastic has an adhesive applied and the flock fibres fly vertically at the material, creating the texturised material. The thickness of the flock fibres influences the final finish of the material; thin fibres produce a soft-velvety finish whereas thick fibres produce a bristle-like finish. Flocked HIPs (High Impact Polystyrene) not only looks good but is a good strong plastic that is often thermoformed and used to display items in boxes in a secure yet luxury manner. In addition to plastic, a number of materials can be flocked including textiles, fabric, paper and sponge.  The process of flocking has been used throughout history, notably it was used to create texturised wallpaper for Louis XIV of France.

Flocked plastic provides a luxurious texture to product packaging, helping to add value to items and helping products to stand out from competition on the competitive store aisle. Packaging experts explain how product packaging is as important as the product itself, adding to the product experience and giving a chic style. Flocked materials engage a customer’s touch sensation, a sense that is not usually stimulated during the purchasing process. Packaging can also encourage future sales for brands, a recent survey found that 52% of consumers would repeat purchase from a company if they enjoyed the product packaging and around 90% of consumer keeps packaging to use after their purchase. Flocked HIPs can be thermoformed to fit specific product shapes, creating the perfect packaging solution for any luxury brand. Euro Extrusions has supplied its loyal customer Hiva Products with thermoplastic sheets that are used in the flocking process.

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Based in Lancashire, Euro Extrusions manufactures sheet and roll High Impact Polystyrene and other plastic sheets and film. Conscious of its environmental impact, Euro Extrusions produces both virgin and recycled plastic sheet and film, also offering customers a plastic waste recycling service. With continued investment into innovation, Euro Extrusions can adapt its manufacturing processes to suit its customer’s needs.

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