For a world in need of reducing its plastic waste, the option of using a 100% recyclable plastic packaging solution such as HIPS is a no brainer, especially for organisations seeking to clamp down on their carbon footprint. As HIPS is a type of thermoplastic that can be shaped easily using heat, it can be recycled into a wide variety of applications. This highlights not only how versatile the material is but also how useful it can be beyond its primary purposes.


Despite this, HIPS and other recyclable forms of polystyrene are often not accepted at recycling plants. Only 30% of the UK population have access to plants that allow for HIPS products such as cups, containers and lids to be recycled. This unfortunately is part of a global problem that sees just 14% of the world’s plastic packaging recycled each year. This is because most recycling plants simply do not have the capacity to sort and reprocess up to 50 different types of plastic. This wide variety means the of recycling plastics is a complex operation, particularly when compared to how other materials are recycled.


Though it may seem the battle against plastic waste is falling short, all it is not lost. As part of the nations renewed bid to reduce plastic waste, the UK is investing in opening more recycling plants. Existing plants are also being urged to step up their efforts to ensure more of the population have access to the facilities they need to recycle used HIPS.


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