High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) offers a reliable, easily printed matte surface for either one- or two-sided printing applications. Available in sheet or roll stock form, HIPS is suitable to a variety of printing methods such as screen printing, flexography and offset lithography. Typical printed HIPS applications include signs, I.D. cards, name tags and point of sale applications.

The material compliments corona treatment particularly well which helps diminish problems with adhesion to the plastic. HIPS is a popular choice for food packaging as the material is compatible with a variety of processes that allow for colour customisation. Available in any colour with a variety of finishes, HIPS is the ultimate packaging material when customisation is needed to make a product stand out above the rest.

Euro Extrusions Ltd. is a leading plastic extruder and supplier of both thermoplastic sheet and film. Based in Great Harwood, Lancashire, Euro Extrusions has the capability to create roll and sheet high impact polystyrene (HIPS) and a range of other plastic film and sheet. Euro Extrusions Ltd produces both virgin and recycled plastic sheet and film in an effort to reduce its environmental impact and offers customers the ability to recycle their own waste plastic.

To find out more about Euro Extrusions’ products and services, including their HIPS sheet and HIPS film, speak to the team on 01254 886 662 or contact them by clicking here.