The maintenance of high hygiene levels is arguably the most important factor when dealing with food. As a result, it is imperative that the materials used in food packaging applications are able protect the contents against harmful bacteria. The most suited material for this is HIPS as studies have shown that packaging made from this thermoplastic is more hygienic than plates and food cutlery that are washed and dried for use again.

Furthermore, due to the rigidness nature of its material, HIPS is the natural choice for food packaging applications such as cookie and bakery trays. What propels HIPS above other polymers is its inherent moisture barrier properties that are ideal for protecting short shelf life products. Recent improvements to the quality of HIPS have also resulted in a greater resistance to environmental stress cracks, making them more suitable for packaging fatty foods such as butter. Overall then, HIPS offer many benefits as a material for packaging a wide variety of foods given its robustness and most importantly its preserving qualities.

Euro Extrusions Ltd. is a leading plastic extruder and supplier of both thermoplastic sheet and film. Euro Extrusions has the capability to create roll and sheet high impact polystyrene (HIPS) and a range of other plastic film and sheet. Conscious of its environmental impact, Euro Extrusions produces both virgin and recycled plastic sheet and film, also offering customers a plastic waste recycling service. With continued investment into innovation, the team at Euro Extrusions can adapt its manufacturing processes to suit its customer’s needs.

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