High impact polystyrene (HIPS) is a highly versatile, economical, lightweight material that is typically used for handling trays that accommodate lightweight products. These are all qualities that HIPS is well known for yet there is much more to this extraordinary material than meets the eye:

HIPS is a recyclable material

Arguably the most important quality HIPS has in its armory is the 100% recyclable material it is made from. For a world in need of reducing its plastic pollution, having the choice of a fully recyclable plastic packaging solution such as HIPS is a no brainer, especially for organisations seeking to clamp down on their carbon footprint. The fact that HIPS can be recycled into a wide variety of applications illustrates how versatile and useful it can be beyond its primary purposes. Despite this, HIPS and other recyclable forms of PS are often not accepted at recycling plants. Just 30% of the UK population have access to plants that allow for HIPS products such as cups, containers and lids to be recycled. This unfortunately is part of a wider problem that sees just 14% of the world’s plastic packaging recycled each year.

HIPS is compatible with food packaging applications

Due to the rigidness nature of its material, HIPS is the perfect solution for food packaging applications such as cookie and bakery trays. What propels HIPS above other polymers is its inherent moisture barrier properties that are ideal for protecting short shelf life products. Furthermore, recent improvements to the quality of HIPS has resulted in a greater resistance to environmental stress cracks, making them more suitable for packaging fatty foods such as butter.

HIPS is a good printable substrate and easily customisable

A variety of printing methods such as flexography, offset lithography and screen printing can be used to decorate HIPS. The material compliments corona treatment particularly well which helps diminish problems with adhesion to the plastic. HIPS is a popular choice for food packaging as the material is compatible with a variety of processes that allow for colour customisation. Available at any colour imaginable with a variety of finishes, HIPS is the ultimate packaging material for customisation purposes.

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