Euro Extrusions supplies the following varieties of HIPS – gloss for a high end sophisticated finish, matt the trendy clean look with various colour options, which is becoming increasingly popular with retail packaging and pinseal– single sided available in thick sheet and thinner rolls, with a textured scratch resistant surface on one face.

HIPS is not only desirable for its end-product properties, but also for its workability. HIPS can be easily thermoformed and is 100% recyclable. Today it can be found in cars, electronics, laptop casings, soft drinks cups, plastic cutlery and food packaging, along with a whole host of other applications. For an idea of what HIPS looks and feels like, most yoghurt pots are made from it due to its hard and food-safe nature. Along with its hardness, HIPS is useful because of its inherent moisture barrier properties, making it suitable for short shelf life products such as cookies or pastries.

Many product manufacturers are using vacuum formed packaging as it allows products to be transported easily and safely whilst offering optimum appearance in the shops. The high impact polystyrene (HIPs) used in cosmetics and gift set packaging offers many benefits when compared to blown polystyrene previously used in packaging. HIPs offers ease of forming, allowing packaging to be moulded to a product’s specific shape and size. Point of sale displays can also be produced through vacuum formed HIPs rolls; they offer a smart and attractive option to display products in a store, these are often found near the till area for last-minute add-ons.