Westfield Patterns

Westfield are a UK packaging company using our High Impact Polystyrene sheet in roll form. HIPs is made into POS containers for confectionery, cosmetics, fancy goods, toys and other vacuum formed point of sale trays for display and retail.

Westfield Giftpack1
Westfield Patterns Gift Packaging
HIPs Vacuumformed Gift Packaging
Tesco Handbag Gift Pack by Westfield Packaging
Vac formed bottle tray
Thermoformed Tray by Westfield

Other HIPs Thermoformed Trays and Panels

Caravan Panel2

Plastic Panels for Caravans and Motor Homes

Seed Tray
Styrene Plastic Seed Trays, Cutlery Trays and Mushroom Punnets.
Vacform Blutrayweb
Monomer Styrene HIPs is available in a range of colours and can be thermoformed between 110 – 190 degrees centigrade. Suitable for Epipen and other pharmacy related lightweight plastic trays.
Coty Photo 23.10.09 copy
Vacformed packaging for the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries

Plastic Extruders of Distinction

Greater impact strength than standard Polystyrene, ease of forming, printing and painting, makes HIPs the ideal raw material for our everyday consumer products. Our plastic sheet and film is integral in the production of vacuum formed components, containers and packaging. The Automotive industry in the UK uses thousands of tonnes of styrene plastic in a year made up of car parts and carrier trays. Other common thermoformed products include Bathroom and Shower Cubicles, Cutlery Trays, Component Carrier Trays, Display Bowls, Moulds for the Confectionery and Food Industry and Garden related vac-formed items such as Seed Trays. In-store Point of Sale promotional stands across a whole spectrum of products are manufactured using High Impact Polystyrene and Polypropylene plastics in sheet and roll formulation from Euro Extrusions Ltd. Recycled plastic plays a great roll in the extrusion process but we need to know the source and carry out tests to assess suitability. We can extrude your virgin or recycled HIPs at very attractive prices.