When it comes to product packaging, appearance is everything, even more so when selling products within the cosmetics industry. The Cosmetic, Toiletry & Perfumery Association (CTPA) found that the UK cosmetics market was worth over £10 billion in 2018, with this value expected to continue the increasing trend throughout 2019. It is important that brands stand out on the ever-growing cosmetic shelves, displaying the latest products in the world of make-up, toiletries and perfumes. As we move into the festive season, packaging becomes even more important, with many shoppers selecting various gift sets and packages to exchange with family and friends over the holidays. Using vacuum formed packaging allows products to be transported easily and safely whilst offering optimum appearance in the shops.

The high impact polystyrene (HIPs) used in cosmetics and gift set packaging offers many benefits when compared to blown polystyrene previously used in packaging. HIPs offers ease of forming, allowing packaging to be moulded to a product’s specific shape and size. Hips can be printed, this offers small run jobs to be colour matched, allowing products to be displayed in packaging that matches cosmetic or gift company branding. Euro Extrusions also offers a colour matching service, where the plastic can be made in any colour the customer requires, the minimum size of order for this is only 500 kgs. Offering a wide range of colours and designs, product packaging can help add to brand recognition and help achieve maximum on-shelf impact. Packaging can also help demonstrate a products high-quality, especially important when showcasing the luxury cosmetic products. To further a products luxury appeal, a process called flocking is available. This is where the HIPs plastic is sent away to a flocker who layers the plastic with a fine cover that gives a soft, fur like finish. Many luxurious gift sets use this look.

Vacuum formed point-of-sale product display trays help cosmetic companies display their products with the optimum positioning to catch the consumer’s eye. It is becoming increasingly important for cosmetic companies to utilise packaging in a retail setting, helping their products stand out from the thousands of products available. Using HIPs allows packaging companies to supply a wide range of cosmetic packaging options, making it the ideal raw material to be used within the packaging industry for consumer products. A trend in cosmetic displays that is becoming stronger is matt smooth plastic. This has a high end fashionable look that stands out past the high gloss finish that has been used for years.

Euro Extrusions Ltd is a Lancashire based plastic extruder supplying both thermoplastic sheets and film. As a market leader, they have gained many years of experience working with a range of industries, and they are capable of delivering a variety of high-quality products, all adhering to the ISO 9001 quality status. Euro Extrusions produce high-quality plastic products, including thermoplastic sheet and film in High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS), ABS and Polypropylene (PP). This includes HIPS Sheet, HIPS Roll, HIPS Film, ABS roll, ABS sheet Polypropylene (PP) Rolls and Polypropylene (PP) Sheet.

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