Black Friday and Cyber Monday signalled the beginning of the relentless Christmas period for the retail industry. What has now become an annual tradition, these two days of the year saw retailers and gift manufacturers lower their prices and offer discounts for their customers in time for Christmas. This in turn encourages more spending, with the UK returning year on year increases with a record £50billion spent in 2017.

For many retailers and manufacturers, simply lowering prices and offering discounts is not enough to acquire customers. The retail industry is a highly competitive industry, particularly during the festive season therefore it is important to be able stand out in ways other than price. A simple, yet effective way is focusing on the packaging of the item and how it is presented. A recent survey on shopper behaviour by Business Insider found that a consumer’s first impression of a product is made within the first seven seconds, heavily influenced by the packaging the product is contained within. Packaging should therefore aim to make the item it is protecting pleasing on the eye, especially during a competitive period like Christmas. A solution for this marketing conundrum is the use of High Impact Polystyrene (HIPs). HIPs in roll form are used by numerous packaging suppliers to create point-of-sale containers for popular gift markets such as cosmetics and toys. Gift manufactures also rely on attractive and practical gift packaging solutions such as HIPs to help sell their products. HIPs rolls are even available in a range of colours, providing retailers and manufactures the platform to get their messages across and stand out ahead of their competitors.

Before a product has the chance of hitting the shelves, first it has to be transported from where it is made and for fragile products this can be an issue. However, HIPs can be used to help protect products during the tricky transportation phase when they are vacuum formed. By using vacuum formed sale trays, products can be kept in place during transport and it allows them to be positioned in the optimum aesthetic layout. Once a product reaches the store, point of sale displays produced through vacuum formed HIPs rolls can provide retailers an attractive alternative for displaying their products, with them often being utilised near the till area.

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