Plastics have several properties which make them ideal for ensuring safety in a number of areas. Both their insulation and anti-bacterial properties are essential fixtures in the fight to keep the public safe, and this article will show you just how extruded plastics keep you safe.


The modern world runs on electricity, from the high voltage lines running underground to the wiring in your computer, you’d be hard-pressed to go through your day without coming into potentially dangerously close contact with high voltage electricity. So how do we stop people getting electrocuted every time they use a device? One important factor is extruded plastics, but how do they protect us?

Extruded plastics are essential in modern electronics for their insulating properties. To stop accidental electrical discharge, manufacturers use specialised machinery to coat wires in plastic – or, more accurately, to create plastic tubes that are profile extruded around the wires. This technique is used on both the small and large scale, from phone chargers to transatlantic telecommunications cables and submarine power cables such as the Blackpool-Isle of Man cable which spans 65 miles of sea.

In all of these examples, another feature of plastic extrusion coating is important: corrosion resistance. Exposed cables bear the danger of being rusted and corroded by air humidity or liquid water – or your morning coffee. Plastic coating stops corrosion in its tracks, allowing for the safe, reliable flow of electricity.

Euro Extrusions’ sheet extrudes anti-static HIPs sheet that is vacuum formed by customers to produce carrier trays. These trays hold components of all types, but mainly electrical parts. These parts are protected by the HIPs trays, so that they don’t fail down the production line.


The natural antibacterial properties of plastics are in use throughout your daily life. One way which extruded plastics are used in this way is in public transport. Extruded plastics are used in safety handrails and seats to keep bacteria and viruses from spreading easily from person to person via intermediary contact.

The smoothness and non-porous nature of extruded plastics is very useful in applications where the material needs to be cleaned regularly, such as in a hospitals or schools. Surfaces can be thoroughly cleaned much more quickly when extruded plastic is used, compared to other options such as wood. This allows surfaces to be cleaned more efficiently and more regularly and lessens the chance of bacteria or other pathogens hiding in cracks in the surface.

Along with their anti-bacterial properties, extruded plastics are useful in mitigating small injuries such as cuts and bruises. Metal is often used for structural reasons in applications such as handrails and chairs, but harsh metal surfaces can result in cuts and bruises to delicate skin. By coating these surfaces with plastic, injury can be avoided.

Euro Extrusions Ltd is a market leading plastic sheet extruder based in Lancashire, England. Euro Extrusions has years of experience in delivering quality plastic products, including thermoplastic sheet and film in High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS), ABS and Polypropylene (PP). this includes HIPS Sheet, HIPS Roll, HIPS Film, ABS roll, ABS sheet Polypropylene (PP) Rolls and Polypropylene (PP) Sheet. Euro Extrusions has the ability with specialised additives to produce anti-microbial sheet. Please call or email for more information.

Euro Extrusions has worked with a wide range of industries to deliver high-quality plastics and also offers customers a plastic waste recycling service. Euro Extrusions continues to invest in innovation, allowing it to adapt to its clients’ needs.

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