Underfloor heating is many a homebuyer’s dream on these cold winter nights, but that dream comes one step closer with the help of thermoformed plastics. Underfloor heating trays are a popular method of installing water underfloor heating in new homes or extensions, and can save a lot of time and money on installation, and can provide a more even heat throughout the room.

Underfloor heating is a great way to heat your home evenly and more efficiently. Radiators are the predominant heating technology used in the UK currently, but they are extremely inefficient and therefore expensive to run. Radiators work by heating up the air around them, which then rises and falls once it cools. This results in very warm ceilings and cold floors. Underfloor heating systems work by heating a substrate known as screed, which surrounds them and then acts as a large radiator on the floor. The room-filling nature of underfloor heating allows for lower temperatures to be used, and for less heat to be wasted. It also allows traditionally ‘cold’ materials such as stone or tile to be comfortably used for flooring.

Traditionally, underfloor heating pipes are stapled directly onto an insulation board atop the concrete sub-floor. This can create hot and cold spots in the floor due to the screed not being able to get under the piping fully. Traditional stapling also makes laying the heating a two-person job, as one person must guide the pipe while the other staples it down.

Thermoformed trays are an ideal solution to the problems of stapling heating pipes down. ‘Plastic egg crate’ systems allow lone workmen to lay the heating pipes easily by simply placing the pipe in the desired formation and then pushing it in between the plastic protrusions. This can be done by hand without any special tools, and can even be done whilst standing up, with your feet.

When the pipe is correctly laid into the tray, it sits slightly raised off the floor, allowing screed to fully encapsulate the pipe, eliminating any physical contact with the insulation boards, ensuring a faster warm up time and lower heat losses. Laying out a desired formation is also easier due to the regular intervals between channels, eliminating the need to constantly stop and measure the pipe placement. Individual trays can be combined by simply popping them into each other. This allows for easy combination and a strong, secure fit.

Underfloor heating trays are extremely versatile – they are suitable for use with dry or wet screeds, making them suitable for the vast majority of underfloor heating installations. The trays are mainly produced from HIPs, both Virgin and Recycled. It is the perfect application for using recycled HIPS, as it is not seen when covered, the pipe stands up against the black material when being laid, and the stiffness of HIPs creates a good snap and hold of the pipe ready for it to be screeded/covered.

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