Many plastics can be recycled and reused in a variety of applications.

Euro Extrusions can take customers’ skeletal waste and recycle it through a process of granulation and re-extrusion to form black plastic. Black plastic is always an affordable option and is the perfect choice for plant pots, trays, underfloor heating and generally unseen products. Although the end result may contain some nibs and slight imperfections, it has great strength. Euro Extrusions can also add impact modifier which improves durability and strength.

Based in Lancashire, Euro Extrusions manufactures sheet and roll High Impact Polystyrene and other plastic sheets and film. Conscious of its environmental impact, Euro Extrusions produces both virgin and recycled plastic sheet and film, also offering customers a plastic waste recycling service. With continued investment into innovation, Euro Extrusions can adapt its manufacturing processes to suit its customer’s needs.

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