Point of sale displays refer to strategic items, often in the form of advertising, that are placed beside merchandise in order to boost visibility and attractiveness. Traditionally, POS displays are positioned at checkout areas or any other location where purchase decisions are made. As a marketing strategy, these displays not only play a pivotal role in attracting customer attention towards a product, they also act as the “silent salesperson” within a store that provides information and incentives that can encourage a purchase to be made.

A common use of POS display that is highly effective across the high street is the creation of vender shops, defined as “a store within a store”. The purpose here is to promote the stock that is regarded as the best in a collection by setting the items apart from the rest of the merchandise. If positioned correctly with the desired journey in mind, a POS display can guide a customer around a store in such a way that their attention is only drawn to the merchandise that is being promoted.

Signage is another useful POS display that has been proven to be beneficial for the high street store. Studies have shown that products accompanied by signs achieve 20% higher sales than those that are not. Also, the sales of regular priced merchandise promoted using POS displays are 18% higher than clearance priced merchandise that have no promotion at all.

These figures highlight how effective POS displays are in attracting the attention of shoppers and encouraging purchase decisions irrespective of price. With high street consumer spending at its lowest in six years, this potential for sales growth provides a great opportunity for high street stores to thrive during the industry’s time of hardship.

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