Thermoplastic HIPs Storage Trays & DisplaysHIPs Cosmetic Display Tray from thermoplastic sheet

High Impact Polystyrene thermoplastic packaging offers excellent product protection and resistance to impact. HIPs is ideal for vacuum forming plastic space saving nested packaging and containers.

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Thermoplastic is a robust but lightweight packaging for many devices such as

  • Computer Drives and Ancillary Equipment
  • Optical Equipment
  • Cameras
  • Monitor Screens
  • LCD Tv’s
  • HIPs thermoplastic is widely used in the food packaging industry because of its unique qualities of strength, hygiene, visual appearance, and ability to retain heat, while also not deforming because of general warm water application. Yogurt holders, plastic cutlery and salad bowls are amongst the products made from high impact polystyrene.


HIPS and other polystyrene products are well-suited for food packaging and widely used in the fast food industry. It is cost effective to produce, can be recycled and therefore minimizes the effect on the environment. Many jobs are created through the recycling of the product.


Polystyrene is lightweight and therefore costs less to transport. It is also easy to pack and store. It provides superb insulation and retains heat well. It is also less expensive than most other food packaging material. Because it is cheaper as packaging material than other types, it also ensures lower costs to the consumer and more profits to the retailer.

Versatile Packaging Material

HIPS is also excellent as electrical insulation and is shatterproof. This makes it a safe material for packaging of products. The product can be printed on, coloured and painted. Transparent thermoplastic casings can be produced with ease. It is reinforced and is safe not only to transport, but to handle in-store and for storage. Polystyrene can withstand humidity whereas cardboard cannot. Glass can easily break and is a difficult and unsafe product to transport, store and use, especially where senior citizens, patients or children are involved, HIPs is safer.

High Impact Polystyrene Data

General PropertiesTest ConditionsTest MethodsUnitsValues
Density (SG)ISO 1183g/cm³1.04
Vicat Softening Temperature10 N - 50˚C/hISO 306/A˚C99
Heat Deflection Temperature1.8 MPa - 120˚C/hASTM D 648˚C85
Tensile Strength50 mm/minISO 527Mpa24
Flexural Strength2 mm/minISO 178Mpa38
Izod Notched Impact Strength+23˚C - thickness 3.2 mmISO 180/4AJ/m125
Izod Notched Impact Strength+23˚C - thickness 4 mmISO 180/1AKJ/m²10
Izod Notched Impact Strength-30˚C - thickness 4 mmISO 180/1AKJ/m²6.5
Mould Shrinkage%0.4 - 0.7
Forming Temperature˚C120 - 180
Flammability Ratingthickness 1.5mmUL94classHB