Gift Packaging

As December begins and temperatures decrease, the Christmas season is truly upon us. The holiday season offers an incredible opportunity for retailers, with a record £77.56 billion spent on Christmas gifts in 2016, so it is important that products catch the eye of consumers this festive season. Gift manufacturers rely on attractive and practical Gift Packaging solutions to help sell their products. However, it is equally important that products can be transported, stored and displayed efficiently and safely. High Impact Polystyrene (HIPs) in roll form is used by numerous packaging suppliers to create point-of-sale containers for the cosmetic, confectionary, fancy goods and toys sectors. HIPs can also be vacuum formed to produce dynamic point of sales trays, creating the perfect gift packaging for shoppers. This article investigates the importance of quality packaging for Christmas gifts and the different solution HIPs offers for displaying Christmas gifts.

With numerous gift options filling the shelves this year, it is vital that packaging showcases a product and its unique features to help buyers in the purchasing process. A recent survey by Business Insider studied shopper behaviour; they found that a consumer’s first impression of a product is made within the first seven seconds, heavily influenced by the packaging the product is contained within. They also detailed the importance of detailing the products unique selling points using engaging language to attract potential buyers. Packaging should aim to make the product aesthetically pleasing, a third of shoppers admitted to making purchase decisions based on packaging alone, especially important at Christmas as shoppers want the product to impress as presents for friends and loved ones. The colour used in packaging can influence shoppers, for example; red is associated with excitement, yellow with happiness and black with luxury. HIPs rolls are available in a range of colours to help portray the message you want to your customers.

Vacuum formed sale trays offer the ideal packaging solution; they keep products in place during transport and display but also allow products to be positioned in the optimum aesthetic layout. Sale trays are especially important in boxed gifts; they keep elements forward facing, giving the best impression when opened by the gift receiver. Point of sale displays can also be produced through vacuum formed HIPs rolls; they offer a smart and attractive option to display products in a store, these are often found near the till area for last-minute add-ons. Successful vacuum formed displays attractively arrange products and attract the attention of people as they pass. Euro Extrusions has experience delivering HIPs rolls for gift packaging, having worked closely with Westfield, a UK based packaging company. Using Euro Extrusions’ HIPs rolls, Westfield has created a variety of packaging including sales trays for alcohol and confectionary gifts, the perfect solution for Christmas gift packaging.

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From their Lancashire based facility, Euro Extrusions have the capability to create sheet and roll polystyrene, high impact polystyrene and a range of other plastic film and sheet. Euro Extrusions Ltd produces both recycled and virgin plastic film and sheet, conscious of their environmental impact, they also offer the opportunity for customers to recycle their own waste plastic.

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