As many of you are most probably aware, Lauren Whigham,  our Business Manager tied the knot this year! She is now Mrs Jeffries (but is keeping Whigham for work).
It was a glorious spring wedding, bursting with sunshine set in the Lake District right on Lake Windermere. Plastic was very much integrated into the day with Fish and Chip holders for the canapés produced out of HIPs by Lauren’s Dad, MD Simon Whigham.  Itinerary ‘A’ boards used to advise the guests where and when they should be. They were produced using our very own HIPs bent on a line bender, with vinyl graphics cut by our designer Geoff.  To add that final bit of glamour, one of our wonderful customers produced some fabulous large plastic ‘A & L’ letters using a CNC router and a lot of joinery skills.  We wish Lauren and Ashley a very happy future together!